VR/AR: The Future of EdTech

VR and AR: The Future of EdTech

The future of EdTech is quite inspiring! With new introductions to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, what's not to like? This type of unique innovation in education sectors and radical change will surprise you as well as frighten a few.

Only a small quantity of people accepts the change, but if you need your children to learn for their future, then you need to adopt these technologies and to take the changes efficiently. We live in a technological digital world which is moving forward every day at a phenomenal pace.


VR and AR: The Future of EdTech

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two unique application but are combined and implemented together for bringing considerable benefits in the learning and development process. Imagining things is considered to have greater importance especially in education. Most of the students are not able to visualize the things they learn inside regular class teaching. VR and AR can make students look for the objects in 3D and therefore visualizing becomes easier.

Apart from that, students lack curiosity in case of normal class learning but with the VR and AR application development, they get too curious to learn about the things and succeed in knowing about the lessons thoroughly. AR and VR is the language of visuals that every student understand too easily. Even illiterate students get to catch the concepts with this breakthrough invention.

AR and VR technologies eliminate the language barrier and also brings higher research scope. Some medical colleges have started implementing this technology to teach students about the complex cases. Let’s check out these practices being implemented in every educational industry.

There are large solutions and products released with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies for educational industries and more are yet to come. Here we have listed down four essential answers that indicate that the VR and AR are the future of EdTech.


XR Scholar is a pioneer in the VR/AR platform designed especially for the secondary education industry. The XR Scholar scaffold makes use of the next generation technologies specifically VR and AR to provide educational content across the STEM Subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Humanities, and English to children in the classrooms.

The platform is based on the latest pedagogical approaches and methodologies which offers student learning analytics & insights and automated assessments. The product is developed to improve learning performance as well as engage students along with improvement in teaching efficiencies. The primary goal of the XR scholar is to focus on STEM and core humanities subjects.

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