XR Scholar

XR scholar is a VR/IVR platform specifically designed for the secondary education sector. The XR scholar platform employs next generation technology, primarily VR and IVR to deliver educational content across STEM subjects, English and humanities for students in the classroom and/or remotely. The platform is able to completely integrate with current pedagogical methodologies and approaches with offering automated assessment and students learning insights and analytics.

XR Haptics

XR Haptics provides virtual reality based medical training solutions for medical students, doctors, nursing students, practicing nurses, patient’s education tools and other allied health professionals. Virtual reality training tools are very effective interventional educational training tools using the sense of touch and manipulation with haptic feedback.

Menu Vu (AR restaurant menu)

Introducing technology gives an additional benefit to your business. Augmented reality is a great way of storytelling. MenuVu allows you to visualize your menu in 3D enabling them to keep informed about the food choices and ensuring their expectations are met or even exceeded. MenuVu allows you to expand your market and remain a leading player in your market.

XR Therapi

XR Therapi provides soothing experience for the patients from the comfort of a room.
XR Therapi will be a perfect solution to combat challenges faced in hospitals and healthcare.

XR Therapi will provide Solutions for,

  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety/stress management
  • Labor and Delivery Pain
  • Radiology
  • Relax

VR Theater

VR Theater provides high-quality products developed with standard devices for our customers. VR Theater VR Headsets are designed for all smartphones to experience 3D Movies, Virtual Reality Videos, VR games, 360 Degree Videos.

VR Theater Vr Headsets, primarily designed for a flawless and mesmerizing VR Experience, VR Theater is a brand new and leading VR Headset from the VR Theater India. The ideal design and attractive features of the VR Theater make it unique from the other collections of VR headsets in the industry.