Pioneering Haptic Touch that Redefines AR/VR

As the only company today that has successfully developed VR content with a haptic touch using their own in-house haptic devices, XR Technica has made an admirable mark in the AR/VR technology landscape. The company aims to be the leading solutions provider in the domains of AR/VR, Mixed Reality, AI, Medical Haptics, IoT, and Machine Learning. Beginning as an R&D company in 2014, XR Technica went mainstream as an AR/VR company owing to the success they achieved providing valuable solutions to clients, backed by XR Technica's research and drive to make the world a better place to live in. The company delivers solutions for domains like oil and gas, mining, wind turbine, water plant training, school education, and university advanced medical training by using VR Haptics.

Understanding enterprises' needs, "the company is engaged in providing innovative solutions which improve ROI and also solve problems for customers, cost-effectively," says Venkatesh Alagarsamy, the CEO of XR Technica. For instance, their solution, XR Haptics provides live, cost-efficient, guided, and risk-free medical training along with training performance reports. The application of XR Haptics
in developing advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) training simulator, in vitro fertilization (IVF) training simulator, root canal treatment simulator, and neonatal resuscitation simulator is paving the path to revolutionizing
medical training.

The company also offers XR Scholar that develops Interactive Virtual Reality (IVR) to enhance students' learning experience, student assessment, and educators'
knowledge transition. Another offering, XR Therapi combines haptic technology and VR for psychological applications such as addressing pain management, depression, and memory impairment. "We go beyond understanding client needs and deliver high-quality solutions without compromising on the quality of work," states Alagarsamy. The XR Services wing of XR Technica customizes
solutions for clients, exhibiting their commitment to innovation.

XR Technica functions in areas comprising training, inspection, repair and maintenance, sales and marketing, data solutions, and VR medical haptics. "We
educate our client and work with them right from identifying the problem to build and deploy a complete solution along with support and solution enhancement as required," explains Harry Mundru, the COO of XR Technica. The company also offers Proof of Concept (POC) for clients to visualize the experience before building the complete solution, empowering clients to make informed
decisions for the best fit solution.

"We go beyond understanding client needs and deliver high-quality 
solutions without compromising on the quality of work"

Exhibiting XR Technica's ingenuity is the time when it was assigned the task of building a VR asset for the archaeology department of one of Australia’s top universities to showcase the digout site and also help students experience the historical evidence of the cave. Despite being a first of its kind system, XR delivered it within the required timeline without giving much stress to the client. This accomplishment has motivated the university to open new key areas where AR/VR can be used for much better purposes. This way, XR Technica is specialized in coming up with the most amicable solution for clients. During their R&D phase, the company collaborated with BDOs to build customized solutions for many of its clients across the globe. Some of their prominent clients include Vestas, Daimler, RLE International, Daimler, Latrobe University, and GGS solutions. XR Technica became a registered commercial entity in Australia, Europe, India, and Middle East countries.

Always welcoming clients who wish to try out their haptics solutions, XR brings alive the experience through the sense of touch in the air. XR Technica, with its new path-breaking technology using haptics, is ready to enter the market. Planning to expand their client base in Malaysia, Europe, and the U.S., "We are looking forward to collaborating with leading hospitals, government agencies, and healthcare services suppliers to take this technology beyond geographical boundaries," concludes Alagarsamy.