HAPTICS-Touching lives through technology

Haptics has a most significant role in the world of  VR, and It’s a technology that converges with the people by using the sense of touch. The sensations can be widely organized into some “sensory channels,” and each of them can be differentiated by the various subset of biological receptors placed throughout the soft tissue, skin, etc.

What is haptics all about?

 The sensory channels are of three distinct types namely Tactile, Vibrotactile, thermal force.

 Tactile Feedback:

You might have experienced patterns on your skin’s surface, and this can be easily solved out with the help of the Tactile feedback, the tiny receptors collect these patterns of pressure and spread everywhere on your skin and explicate into the sensation array by the brain.

The tactile Feedback channel is considered to be the primary information source regarding the Object surface features, excellent shape, etc. Apart from them they also donate to the cognizance of size, weight, and textures.

Vibrotactile Feedback:

Everyone who comes up with VR and AR might have experienced this vibration feedback in any one form like a rumble of a game controller, the buzz of mobile phones, etc. Few VR might have tried Vibrotactile feedback wearables like Manus and Gloveone.

Thermal Force Feedback:

By the name, you might have come up with an idea about the thermal feedback, its the cold or warm type of haptics but they are considered to be one step ahead of the temperature. Realistic thermal feedback considers three significant modes of heat transfer namely Convection, conduction, and radiation.

What XR haptics do with haptics Technology?

XR haptics offers the complete solution to the tactile feedback challenges, and the haptic textile is capable of generating top-notch quality tactile feedback ina flexible, thin and wearable package. We at XR haptics make use of the patented microfluidic technology so that controlling the pressure of any type of actuators is secure across the textile surfaces.

We quickly form a virtually infinite array of perfect tactile sensations by varying the pressure, and we believe that this is one of the mandatory tactile feedback for fully immersive virtual reality.

While considering the Vibrotactile feedbacks, they are one of the essential sensory channels with the best quality hardware. At XR Haptics, we have come up with new integrations along with the shelf vibration actuators as similar to the one you can see on your mobile phones. The actuators of this types are developed to produce vibration feedback with high-fidelity in an inexpensive and compact form. We would say that software is one of the vibrotactile feedback’s challenge.

In the case of thermal Feedback, we at XR haptics heat and then cool water using the small reservoirs and then use the tiny channels in our XR haptics to control the water flow to create hotter and colder sensations.

XR Haptics provides the medical training solution with the help of “the virtual reality” for the medical students, nursing students, medical doctors, patients educations tools and other related health professionals. The XR Haptics make use of these virtual reality training tools that operate using the sense of touch and are considered to be the most effective education training tools.