XR Technica is a products and solutions company operating in the domains of frontier technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial intelligence, IOT, and Haptics. A world where technology is no longer limited to anything inhabits the space around us, transcending limitations that restrict humanity from taking complete advantage of technology.

Designed to make life easier

At XR Technica, we deliver prodigious solutions that will make our clients stand out from the crowd. Healthcare, Gaming, Education, Enterprises, etc. are some of the dominant sectors XR Technica has succeeded, and we promise next-generation digital and physical experiences for world-class brands to create unforgettable moments of connection between people and organization. XR Technica has experience in various technologies including 3D Animations, Stereoscopic imaging, Simulation Games and MOCAP Systems.

Our extensive experience is put to good use, ensuring that our clients have the highest-value technical solution for their particular business challenge. We also provide VR Training Solutions, VR Medical Training Stimulator with haptics and much more to improve profit and productivity.

Our team hails from diverse discipline comprising dynamic and active creative engineers and developers. Our integrated team focuses on innovative approaches to existing challenges and also ensures seamless interplay between digital and real-world elements.


XR Technica takes responsibility for the reliability of its products and services, the expediency and viability of the decisions taken in the development process ensuring that our standards are maintained throughout the process.


At XR Technica we strive for professional satisfaction based on a profound understanding of workflows, sound knowledge, and skills with absolute confidence.​​


XR Technica empowers efficient distribution of the project time and material resources, making timely decisions and developing a competitive software product.


We cooperate closely with our customers to enhance the highest quality product development and also provide support to our customers instantly.

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Strategic thinking and paying attention to our client’s needs, we plan integrative, feasible, and customization of potential solutions.​

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We are designers, who love to make impossible things possible. We work in an agile, first mobile mindset and thrive on close deadlines.

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​We have a fully dedicated in-house research laboratory where we develop new products and experiences using latest technology.