Leap into Reality

Immersive stories have the power to alter people live more than any other medium. Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR) and Mixed reality (MR) are unique techniques that have introduced a new class of simulation, with potential implementations in the healthcare, education, gaming and enterprise sectors.
As these technologies present a promising future with limitless possibilities across industries, including entertainment, they are gaining tremendous momentum with consumers.

XR Technica is a creative technology company, with deep roots in Virtual and Augmented Reality, and a pocketful of game-changing interactive solutions, we work with businesses, brands, and agencies of all shapes and sizes to bring ambitious ideas to life.

Building VR/AR solutions that adds value to your business

•    VR/AR technologies can help business with

•    Shortens time to market

•    Reduces the risk of product design

•    Enhances business agility and flexibility

•    Transforms talent development and training

•    Enables new business models

Bringing Concepts and plans live using AR

AR can remove barriers when it comes to international business. It can help with translation if you meet a colleague abroad and create a common space even if you are hundreds of miles away from each other. You can record the entire meeting later and save everything written on virtual whiteboards. Collaboration applications the possibilities of AR are almost endless.

Building immersive training modules for industries using VR

VR technology can make training more efficient at lower cost and in less time than many traditional methods of learning. Because VR can provide more training, especially inexpensive, rare or hazardous environments. For example, aircraft maintenance personnel ’s skills can deteriorate if budget constraints limit flying hours; if jets are not in the air. All of these capabilities mean that VR can be a valuable learning tool for a variety of tasks in any industry.



Through strategic thinking and paying attention to our client’s business needs, we plan integrative, feasible, and customizable potential solutions.



We are designers who love to make impossible things possible. We work in an agile, first mobile mindset and thrive on close deadlines.



We have a fully dedicated in-house research laboratory where we develop new products and experiences using sophisticated technology.